Everything you ever wanted to know about UNEP but were afraid to ask

UNEP have just put up a set of power points (as pdfs)  about the way it works for new delegates and I would suggest this is good reading for everyone.

PowerPoint presentation-Introduction to UN Environment Programme: History, structure and place in the UN System      Uploaded: 26 September 2018
PowerPoint presentation-With Civil Society engagement      Uploaded: 26 September 2018
PowerPoint presentation-With Private Sector engagement      Uploaded: 26 September 2018
PowerPoint presentation-Presentation of the Rules of Procedure of the UN Environment Assembly of the UN Environment Programme      Uploaded: 26 September 2018
Ralph Steadman classic
PS the first cartoon has no relationship to the proposed  strategy for the budget increase for UNEP in the biennium 2020 to 2021


  1. It is not clear how UNEP is planning to bring more accountability and transparency in its own operations (please refer to recent media reports on misuse of travel funds and carbon footprint)? What is UNEP plan for doing "more with less" as currently the bulk of funds goes towards staff salary, office rents and salaries?

    1. Most of what you ask is available on the unep web site under the committee of permanent representatives section. I suggest you go there and read the documents


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