Stunning outcome from the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraqi war. This should be the number one item on US TV not some email issue

As someone who did not support the Iraqi war without a second resolution in the UN Security Council then Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry has shown how right that position was.

The above is the position taken by Charles Kennedy the then Liberal Democrat Leader in the UK against entry into war with Iraqi. He wasn't the only voice against there were politicians on the Labour and Conservative side who also raised there concerns. But he was the only national party leader in parliament to oppose.

So what are key findings. If you haven't read them elsewhere then let me share them with you.
  • UK went to war before peaceful options exhausted and military action was "not last resort", 
  • Invasion in 2003 was based on “flawed intelligence and assessments” that went unchallenged
  • Threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were "presented with certainty that was not justified"
The former UK PM Tony Blair says decision for action made "in good faith" and he will take "full responsibility for any mistakes" The Guardian put it well:
"Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry has not, in his words, “expressed a view on whether military action [in Iraq] was legal”. That question, he said, could be resolved only by a court. Still less does his report deal with the question of whether Tony Blair or others should face legal action."
To quote the Liberal Democrat leader today:
"the current British government to pledge that we will never go to war again without an assurance that the action is legal under international law, that we have a clear exit plan, and that the intelligence on which we base our decisions is free from the influence of political spin doctors."
There is no question in my mind the decision to go into Iraqi has precipitated the world we live in now. I do not believe that the level of terrorism would be anywhere near what we are experiencing. Without going into Iraqi international forces would have dealt with the problems in Afghanistan much quicker and more effectively.

To all those people who lost their lives in Iraqi because of the decision to go in based on false information this is a step on the right path to holding the people who made those decisions accountable. Will the next step be a court case? Only time will tell but the issue of trust in our politicians is at the heart of this and the question of if 'some people' are beyond being held accountable. It seriously damaged Britain s moral authority in the world.

Like Sir John I take the view that the legality of the actions can only be tested in a court. And so I believe that they should be tested in a court.


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