Hustings for the next UN Secretary General of the UN

(Taken from UNA-UK Website
The eight candidates vying to be the next leader of the United Nations will be questioned by UN member states in unprecedented meetings at the UN General Assembly on 12-14 April. 
The meetings, which will be live streamed online, mark a major success for UNA-UK and our 1 for 7 Billion campaign - a movement of over 750 organisations and 170 million people which is advocating for a more open and inclusive process to appoint the next UN chief. 
The historic meetings - which represent a major depature from the 'wheeling and dealing' that characterised the former selection process - have attracted significant media attention. 1 for 7 Billion and UNA-UK representatives have emerged as the go-to source of expertise on the reformed process and the implications for the wider UN system.
Here are some of the media highlights:
While the meetings are a significant step forward, UNA-UK is concerned that they will only allow for very limited civil society participation. This is why we have joined forces with the Guardian and the Future UN Development Systems project to host the first ever 'hustings debates' with Secretary-General candidates. These will take place in New York on 13 April and in London on 3 June - tickets for the London event will become available on our website soon


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