The declaration

What was very interesting about the last session of the post 2015 negotiations is that there seemed to be a convergence of views on what the main elements of  The Declaration might be. This will make it easier for the co-facilitators to produce a zero draft by June. Of course there were disagreements over issues such as common but differentiated responsibility and how to phrase human rights and I am sure when the text comes out a few more things. There was some very thoughtful comments by countries such as Panama on how to structure the document and again surprisingly there was much more support for the secretary generals six themes being part of The Declaration with possibly enabling paragraphs which would help in the media side of promoting the outcome. These are to just remind everyone:
  1. People: to ensure healthy lives, knowledge, and the inclusion of women and children
  2. Dignity: to end poverty and fight inequality
  3. Planet: to protect our ecosystems for all societies and our children
  4. Partnership: to catalyze global solidarity for sustainable development
  5. Prosperity: to grow a strong, inclusive and transformative economy
  6. Justice: to promote safe and peaceful societies and strong institutions
It has been a long way from solo Indonesia in July 2011 to where we are but that journey has been rich with input and new ideas. Of course in an intergovernmental negotiations stakeholders will always want governments to go further but one of the very good outcomes of this orocess has been the education of many delegates about the knowledge and ideas that stakeholders can bring constructively to the table. At times it has been more of a partnership approach to where we should go - the process will now be more difficult for stakeholders to input to but if they are selective and flexible there is still chance to impact on some of the key outcomes such as The Declaration, the MOI discussion and the Follow Up.....but not muh time.

On Wednesday 25th February I will be presenting an online lecture on how to lobby with. Focus on the post 2015 process for Beyond 2015 if you want to join do email me felix(at) and I will let them send you details.
With Henry de Cazotte (France) 


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