How to influence UN processes – a workshop by Felix Dodds

How to influence UN processes – a workshop by Felix Dodds

Workshop at the UN DPI NGO Conference
28th of August
Venue: The Ford Foundation 320 East 43rd Street (Between 1st and 2nd Avenue, in the Lower Level Board Room

So you want to influence governments and have an impact on UN Processes. I will be conducting a workshop on the 28th of August (1-3pm) to help you acquire those skills. I have written two books on How to Lobby at Intergovernmental meetings and been active at the UN since 1990.



What I hope to cover are:

·         How to put together a lobbying strategy
·         Building timelines for your work
·         What to do at the National Level
·         Demystification of the UN process
·         Understanding brackets
·         What are the key terms used and what do they mean
·         How to understand the development of the negotiation texts;
·         What is your team capacity – how to build a larger capacity
·         How to build broader coalitions and when to operate without coalitions
·         Understanding the different government coalitions
·         Who are the key government players
·         Who are the key UN players and why
·         Tools of the trade for influencing the process

·         Media strategy and campaigns


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