Tellus Institute will host the inaugural meeting of the Sustainable Business Academy

Friday February 7, noon, Tellus Institute will host the inaugural meeting of the Sustainable Business Academy. Speakers will be Eric Hudson, the CEO of Preserve, a dynamic, environmentally-focused lifestyle company; and Halina Brown, Professor of Environmental Science and Policy at Clark University, and a Tellus Associate Fellow. We look forward to an exciting dialogue between a practitioner and an academic.

The Sustainable Business Academy aims at bridging a gap between three groups: Businesses, Academics, and Social Innovators from non-profits, government etc.  This gap appears as different languages, different styles of communication, and different outcomes that each group is aiming for with regard to the ‘New Economy.’
The SBA aspires to:
 1)      Share knowledge and best practices across these sectors
 2)      Draw attention to work being done in terms of education and research, and
 3)      Gain resources – for funding research, starting ventures, and supporting non-profits.

Please register early at ; February 3 is the closing date; first come, first served. Lunch is provided by Tellus, but participation is limited.
Time: Feb 7, noon-1:30
Place: Tellus Institute; 11 Arlington Street, Boston


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