Days of Future Past The “unofficial” first Doctor Who new adventure after regeneration Part 2: Dungeons and Dragons

Part 2: Dungeons and Dragons

Recap from the last episode: The Doctor, Merri and Clara find themselves in a Dungeon at the pleasure of their old enemy Professor Zardoff.

The Doctor looked at Hans the Governor’s secretary as the guards locked the jail door and lighted a few candles before walking away Hans said:

“Doctor It’s good to see you. I wish it was under better circumstances.”
“So do I my old friend. Tell me what happened?”

The guards had moved to the far room and Hans relaxed a little.

“Doctor about a year before Alexander died Professor Zardoff came to Varos and seemed very nice and was helping develop our environmental regulations for the mines. We had let back some of the old bad companies but this time under new rules and Professor Zardoff was overseeing this.

When Alexander died it became clear that the Professor was actually working with the mining companies and with their help the mining companies took over and made the Professor the new President. Of course there was resistance and there were demonstrations but the companies had brought their own mercenaries. The local police stood no chance. I was retained because I knew how the bureaucracy ran. In most senior positions the Professor has put his own people.”

The Doctor sighed. “My friend I know the Professor very well we have clashed on a number of occasions. I thought he was dead. I am so sorry he has come here. I will do all I can to help.”

The guards returned with some food and water, this time Hans left with them.

“So, what’s the plan?” Said Clara.  “Yes you must have a plan” echoed Merri.

“Well…… has been a long time at least in my years since I was last here but if my memory is right”….as the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver on the lock. “Click” as the lock opened. “I thought so; they haven’t changed them since I was last here. Now let’s try and find the Dragon master!”

“The what?” said Merri.

“I said we were going to have an adventure and other than mines the other thing that Varos is famous for is its beautiful Dragons.”  

They move down a spiral staircase that seems to go on forever, then at last it opens up into a large cavern and there-  there are four beautiful dragons eating their dinner.
“Ahh” the Doctor says “my spider senses are tingling.”

“You don’t have spider senses.” Said Clara….
“Well not real spider senses but I think we are in for a pleasant surprise.”

At which point the girls saw coming from behind the dragons a tall red headed young man. “Robin so good to see you again,” said the Doctor

Robin smiles.

“Is that you Doctor? Another regeneration I’m guessing. I’m sure you have met the Professor,” he says as his smile disappears.

“I have said the Doctor and I know him well from other battles. I see he has left you in charge of the Dragons.”

“He has because none of his men could do the job. I was in jail for a month but then he brought me out to help control and use the Dragons in the mining. There is something very strange going on I could have sworn I saw Sil here with the Professor last week. But I thought he was dead, it seems not. There was a third man there with them; I think they called him Borusa.”

The Doctor stops and his face a mixture of shock and happiness. “Are you sure that was his name?”  
“Yes I am pretty sure he said Borusa. Why is that important?”

The Doctor sighs, “Borusa is a Time Lord he was a former teacher and a friend of mine on Gallifrey. He turned to the dark side and took over Gallifrey and became President of the High Council of the Time Lords. But if he is here I should feel him.” “You mean by your spider senses?” giggled Merri, the Doctor laughed, “yes by my spider senses.”

“Robin is there a way off the castle?”

“Yes we can take the dragons and I will take you to where the Rebel Alliance is based on the Far Island. But we must do it now before you are discovered to have escaped.”

Just as he said that the alarms went off.

“Quick on to the backs of the  Dragons. I’ll buy us time with my firestaff.”

As he said that the three find a Dragon and get on the guards arrive. Robin sends a blast of fire to the petrol drums which explode and cut off the entry to the cavern, at least for a few moments. This buys the time for him to get on his Dragon and then they are away into the night a beautiful star lite night sky. “I'm flying on a Dragon!!!” how cool is that,” said Clara, as they start the long flight to the Far Island.


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