Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

So i was watching the Colbert Report whose guest was Jerry Seinfield. His show was of course  a classic and can still be seen on many channels and as I know very well on the TV section of the airplanes multimedia packages.
Jerry was on talking about his new internet show "comedians in cars getting coffee". It was a tough interview as the two didn't seem to like each other - worth watching. Perhaps the best bit was the drinking of the coffee. 
Afterwards i decided to watch "comedians in cars getting coffee'. I have to say its good - it has a little information on the particular car that Jerry is driving - so feels like Top Gear light but more politically correct and then there is the coffee. 
I think a little more details on the cafe they are visiting would be interesting and the particular coffee they are drinking where it is from and what it tastes like.  Maybe Microsoft can develop Windows 9 with a touch screen option which releases a particular coffee smell...hmmm that would be nice. We are probably not at that level of nano technology for a few more years -- so another idea would be to order some scratch and smell stickers to support the show...available at all good cafes....perhaps another sponsorship deal here :-) 

The comedian banter looks like it is unrehearsed and quiet good. I particularly liked it when Jerry goes a like too quick in his Porsche for Seth Meyers who does look a little worried.

Today i spent the day at my wonderful new office at the Global Research Institute at the University of North Carolina. I have taken one of my coffee makers there to even more enjoy the experience. 

The office is on the fourth floor of the FedEx Global Education Center and has on the floor a garden and some great seating to enjoy the amazing weather that North Carolina has. 

The building seems to reflect the values it is trying to share with the students the toilets are all fed through a rainwater harvesting system. It does warn you not to drink the water - probably very good advise. One of my observations now living here is that they often quote what seems to many Europeans common sense. Such as when buying coffee the cup tells you it contains a drink that is hot. I would hope so if I have bought a coffee.!! Or wrong way on a  highway --- though that may be related to having too many British people visiting. . One of my favorites was "Ouch! Cactus Area", or "Books to be Red"...I am assuming all the books had to be red but when i went inside they weren't.

I was working today on the Nexus Conference 2014 - climate - water-energy-food its going to be an amazing conference and some great speakers. Still a few months to send in your abstracts. The conference will input to the Sustainable Development Goals process and try and ensure a more interlinkage less silo approach.

The other good news is the new book is so close to being finished. Hopefully hand in next week - "From Rio+20 to a New Development Agenda: Building a Bridge to a Sustinable Future.". It has been a pleasure working with Jorge Laguna Celis and Liz Thompson on the book,. Should be out end of the  year with some great insights into the negotiations and the negotiation groups as well as a resource section for new people. Then the decision is which of three ideas will be the next book :-)....or do all three :-)


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  3. Then the decision is which of three ideas will be the next book :-)....or do all three :-) car seat canopy

  4. It's very good site for coffee did you drink Israel Coffee ?


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