UNEP IEG Stakeholder discussion

Geneva 25th of October UNEP are hosting a discussion for stakeholders to discuss how to reform the International Environmental Governance. Bradnee Chambers of UNEP is presenting on the fragmentation of the IEG system. He identifies as key problems:

  • Use of financial resources
  • Inconsistency in interpretation of rules
  • Neglect of interlinkages
  • Structural inefficiencies
  • There is no coherent system wide environmental strategy
  • Lack of implementation and capacity
  • Lack of monitoring, review and accountability

UNEP are suggesting that the environmental pillar is the foundation of sustainable development

The 2009 and 2010 Consultative Group set up under UNEP GC decision 25/4 and SSXI/1 respectively is the process now leading up to Rio+20 on IEG.

This identified that present IEG discussion should be based that form should follow function. There needed to eb a set of functions that were critical.


  1. Creating a strong, credible and coherent science base
  2. Developing a global authority for the environment
  3. Secure financial base

Still the Rio+20 process has still to identify how to address the more important issues of sustainable development governance.


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